Do you know that moment in which you are explaining some story to a friend and that one answers: ‘you should write a blog about it’. After reflecting a bit about it, I realised that most of the times my friends were saying that as an answer to some story which, although was quite bizarre, in essence, was very banal. But maybe they were banal for me but interesting for others.

From that, I concluded that people find very interesting personal stories. All sort of stories but mainly, personal. Stories that really show something about the person who has experienced them. Stories that maybe you haven’t experienced at all, but with feelings you can feel identified. After all, what people like is humanity. Personal stories. Human stories.

With that purpose in mind, I started this blog in 2016. I don’t update it quite often, party because inspiration, partly because time constraints. Also, because I’d rather post something that I find meaningful enough to stay here for quite a long time.

This little buddy made an appearance one evening while I was around Crystal Palace visiting the dinosaurs

I’ve tried to classify my posts under several categories, so you can check those more relevant for you. There’s also a tab where I keep my posts published elsewhere, mainly on topics that have to do with my experience as a postgraduate researcher.

If you want to know more about the person behind this space, check my short bio.

Welcome to The Secret Life of Foxes.